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If you already have a waiver, feel free to come check us out and ask questions!
If you do not have a waiver, we have provided an application for your convenience: Disabilities Services Application

Our Services:

Community Access

Community Access Individual (CAI) is designed to be teaching and coaching in nature. With a 1:1 staff to participant ratio, the intended outcome is to improve the participant’s access to the community through an increase of skills, natural support(s) and/or less paid support(s). During CAI services participants are encouraged to develop a skill or hobby.

Community Access Group (CAG) is provided to a group with a 1:2+ staff to participant ratio. CAG provides oversight, assists with daily life, socialization, communication, and skill building in a group. CAG is provided out the community, including group trips to Savannah and movie nights.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment (SE) matches qualified people who have disabilities with real jobs in the community. Customized Employment (CE) is a strategy we use to find individuals jobs that fit their specific interests and capabilities while studying the needs of local businesses. It is paid employment that allows people with disabilities to work beside non-disabled co-workers, as opposed to workshop-like conditions. ADI ensures that workers and employers are provided with the necessary support essential for successful job placement and retention. Services include job development, job training/coaching, transportation, etc.
ADI currently has participants employed at Kroger, Publix, the City of Warner Robins, Robins Air Force Base, McDonalds, and more!

Community Living Support

Community Living Support (CLS) is provided to individuals who reside in family homes or his/her own home. CLS focuses on assisting people with disabilities to become participating members of their neighborhoods. This may include assistance with cleaning, personal care tasks, doctor appointments, healthy cooking, exercising, and improving relationships with loved ones and other local connections.

Community Residential Alternative

Community Residential Alternative (CRA) services allow an individual to live in small group settings and have life sharing arrangements (host homes, group homes, or other arrangement). Assistance is provided in activities of daily living such as grooming, personal hygiene, eating and cooking, toileting, hobbies, socializing, and other similar tasks.

Family Support & Grant in Aid

Family Support (FS) and Grant-In-Aid (GIA) Services are granted to individuals who need less assistance or specific assistance. These services involve highly individualized support services or goods needed to prevent institutionalization and remain in the family home. Some of our individuals only want a few hours per month so that they can get involved in the community. This provides them the safety and encouragement to create social bonds with other people or to find a new hobby or employment. These services can sometimes be granted to individuals who are waiting or ineligible for the Medicaid waiver.

Personal Support Services & Independent Care Waiver Program

Personal Support Services (PSS) are designed to provide personal care to individuals with physical disabilities and/or traumatic brain injuries. One of the ways we are able to provide these services is through waivers such as the Independent Care Waiver Program (ICWP). These services include all aspects of daily living, such as eating, personal hygiene, dressing, and light housekeeping. The goal of PSS is to allow individuals to remain in their own homes and communities versus living in nursing facilities.