Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

Direct Support Professional (DSP) of the Month is awarded to our most dedicated and passionate professionals. Every month, DSPs are nominated using specific criteria and short stories about their positive impact. The winner receives a bonus, 8 hours of paid leave, and a certificate to show off to everyone!

Debra Jones received DSP of June 2019

Betty earned DSP of May 2019

Selma was awarded DSP of April 2019

Maria was awarded DSP of March 2019

Tracy earned DSP of February 2019

Monis passed away in late December, her family accepted the award for DSP of January 2019 on her behalf

Christina earned the award for DSP of December 2018

Tonji received DSP of November 2018

Our mystery employee (spooky!) won DSP of October 2018

Pam was awarded DSP of September 2018

Tolliver was awarded DSP of August 2018

Dil earned DSP of July 2018 (our first winner!)