Where do we get our funding? Where does it go?
At Abilities Discovered, Inc. we believe in transparency. This means that we want others to know exactly how we allocate our funds and resources.

Medicaid & State Funding:

We receive our funding through Medicaid or state programs. Every individual that we serve receives a budget and we use this to bill for our services. We work with Support Coordinators and outside Case Managers who also ensure the People We Serve (PWS) receive proper care and budgeted time. If an individual needs significantly less or more assistance, we will work with the Support Coordinator to request more time (therefore, more funding).

We also aid the People We Serve (PWS) by requesting other resources, such as gloves or briefs or larger items (hoyer lift, mattress, etc.). These requests are tied to the individual and approved on an individual basis. Rest assured that supplies aren’t given out carelessly and no one is overlooked since we assess each case on an individual basis.

Events, Donations, & Partnerships:

Occasionally, a Person We Serve will make items and sell them in our office or at an event, all proceeds go to the individual. These sales and events will be announced on our Facebook Page.

Local businesses may submit a donation. Robins Financial Credit Union has supplied a yearly check which has enabled us to give back to our employees and host more events. Learn more about Robins Financial Credit Union here:

We are partners with United Way, a nonprofit that holds events and fundraisers that benefit people with educational, income, or health-related needs. We typically donate to United Way and are involved in events that help raise money. In turn, United Way will gift us with an annual check that might help us pay for unapproved requests and events for the People We Serve and our staff members. United Way has also helped our staff members become CNAs. To learn more about United Way, click here: